Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Attention to details is important

Just had a conversation with Tina regarding students that have aides on the bus. She was unclear what the difference was between a "1:1 aide", and a "bus aide".
I explained to her that a 1:1 aide is a person who is dedicated to a particular student, generally someone who is very severe. While a a student that requires a bus aide simply requires an adult, other than the driver, on the bus. This shows that they need the additional attention, but are not so severe.

Using this newly gained knowledge, she reaffirmed that the student in question needed a 1:1 which was incorrect. I then explained again which type of aide the student required and why, and Tina said she understood the situation.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do I get to my desktop?

Tina just interrupted my job duties.
She stated that she normally closes out of Versatrans in order to get to her desktop. However, someone had sat at her desk and opened a webpage, and now she didn't know how to make her desktop show up again.
I showed her how to use the minimize, maximize, and restore buttons, and explained that they work the same in each program (i.e. Versatrans, Internet Explorer). To emphasize, Tina has been in this position and using a computer with Windows as part of her job duties for over 3 years now.
She thanked me and told me how awesome I was, then asked if I ever got tired of her questions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Tina interrupted my job duties at ~11:00. She needed assistance inserting a row into an excel document, a putting the borders around the cells. I specifically assisted her with the same issue on Thursday of last week. Tina has also been using this program for the 3+ years she has been a dispatcher.

Assigning buses

Tina interrupted my job duties at 3:50 to assist her with an issue.
Maria Sanchez came in and wanted to know if she could permanently stay in 3-06 instead of a 96 bus.
Tina insisted that Maria deal with me specifically because I'm a supervisor. I approved the change and Maria left.
I asked Tina if she realized that dealing with bus assignment issues is within the scope of her job duties. Tina stated that there have been previous issues and she thought supervisors needed to deal with it.
I asked her if that directive came from Patty; Tina said no.
I informed her that the AM dispatcher is here for 5 hours before I arrive at work and makes such decisions, and Tina needs to as well.


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